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Level It Up AppReady to give it a try? Check out the Level It Up demo or skip straight to the game by installing the free Level It Up app from the Apple App Store, Google Play Store, or accessing the browser version and play a few sample games.

Once you’re ready, create your administrator account and begin your 30 Day FREE Trial.

With your free trial you will have complete access to the Level It Up! mobile game engine and can begin creating your training games right away. There are no restrictions and absolutely no obligation to buy. If you decide this isn’t the right game engine for you, simply cancel your subscription before the trial period ends and your credit card will never be charged.


  • Brandable Games
  • Multiple Choice Games
  • Learner Lifelines (Hint or Drop 1)
  • Top 10 Leaderboard
  • Dynamic Scoring
  • Variable Game Levels
  • Automated Email Notifications
  • Unlimited Players
  • Unlimited Games
  • HTML 5 Web Version
  • Free iOS Mobile App
  • Free Android Mobile App
  • Cloud-based Reporting
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