What is Level It Up? Level It Up is a mobile learning game engine that enables training departments to quickly and easily create learning games for mobile devices that their learners can install and play on their own device or access from the web on a laptop or desktop computer. Training games are created using the engine’s built-in game templates for rapid production of customized games.

Who is Level It Up intended for? The Level It Up mobile learning game engine is designed to give busy educators and training professionals a head start in creating their own learning games for test prep, self-directed learning, knowledge checks, sales training, “classroom” engagement or any other training program they see fit.

Who uses Level It Up?  National membership organizations, nonprofits, Fortune 100 and 500 companies and academic institutions are using the Level It Up mobile learning game engine to build fun training and education games for their learners.

Who can play games I create using the Level It Up game engine? Anyone you authorize can play Level It Up! Simply upload your users using the admin panel and Level It Up will automatically generate user accounts and distribute access codes to your users via email. After receiving the access code, users simply install the free app from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store, enter in their unique user id, select their game and begin playing. Alternatively, players can choose to play your games from any desktop or laptop computer using the browser version of Level It Up!

How many games can I assign to a single group of users? You can create and assign as many training games to a group of users as you would like.

How easy is it to create games and question banks using Level It Up? The Level It Up! game engine makes it super simple to create fun, interactive learning games your learners will love. You can upload existing questions or create your own, then decide how many levels you’d like and assign your questions to levels. The engine will then build your learning game instantly, inserting your questions and branding to the built-in game templates included with Level It Up! Creating interactive learning has never been this easy.

Do you offer training? Video based training tutorials are included in your subscription to the Level It Up! mobile learning game engine and can be accessed from the administrator dashboard.

Do you offer game design assistance? Should you need assistance building your games or writing your game questions, our in-house team of award-winning instructional designers and content writers are available to help. Contact us at 1-800-942-4537 for details.



Which mobile devices can run Level It Up? Level It Up is currently available on all iOS devices including the Apple iPhone and iPad as well as all Android smartphones and tablets. 

What if my learners do not have a Apple or Android mobile device, how will they access the game? In addition to iOS and Android devices, games created using the Level It Up game engine are accessible via the web from any laptop or desktop computer. Learners have access to the the same game(s) on the web as they do from a mobile device.

Which internet browsers are compatible with Level It Up? The Level It Up! mobile learning game engine and it’s training games are compatible with all versions of Internet Explorer, Safari, Firefox, and Chrome.



How much does Level It Up cost? A subscription to the Level It Up game engine is $999 per year. Your subscription includes unlimited games, unlimited users and unlimited plays.

Are there any additional costs? No. Learners can download and play your games for free. There are never any hidden charges or add-on fees later.

How long is my subscription good for? Your subscription to the Level It Up game engine is good for one year from the purchase date and will automatically renew for an additional year unless cancelled.

Do you offer a free trial? Yes, you can take advantage of our 30 Day FREE Trial and begin creating fun mobile learning games today. There is never any obligation to buy and you can cancel your account at anytime. During your free trial you will have full access to the Level It Up! game engine and can build an unlimited number of training games and distribute those games to players through their Apple or Android mobile device or from any computer using the web browser version of Level It Up.



Can I customize the app? From the administrator dashboard you can customize the mobile learning games your learners access by uploading your own graphic banners. Banners can include your organization’s logo or any other branding you choose.

How do I upload my company logo? From the administrator dashboard, navigate to the create/edit groups area. Here you can upload a previously saved .png file directly from your desktop.


Don’t see your question? Contact the Level It Up sales and support team by clicking the Submit Question button below or give us a call, toll free at 1-800-942-4537.

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