Think you have what it takes to level up the leaderboard?

Try your hand a little pop culture or art history trivia in one of our sample games created with the Level It Up mobile learning game engine.


From your web browser, click here to play as a guest.


From your Apple iOS device, click here to install the free Level It Up app from the App store.


From your Android device, click here to install the free Level It Up app from the Google Play store.


How to play:

  1. Follow the links above to install or access the appropriate version of the Level It Up game.
  2. Once the screen loads, allow a few seconds for the games to appear.
  3. Click on the pink settings icon in the bottom right corner to change your username and enter in a game code (if applicable) and select your avatar (optional).
  4. Then, click the Back to Game button.
  5. Next, make your selection from the available learning games.
  6. Take a minute to read the game instructions and press Start Game when you’re ready.


Do your best to answer each question correctly and don’t forget, for each question you have two lifelines available. For a little help answering the question, click the Hint button to reveal a hint or Drop 1 to remove one of the incorrect answers. Remember, using lifelines will reduce the maximum point value for that question. Once you complete all the questions in the round and achieve a passing score you will advance to the next level. Complete all the levels and you will have reached the end of the game. Check for your name on the leaderboard to see where you rank.

Don’t see your name on the leaderboard? Better luck next time! You’ll have to replay the game for another shot at leaderboard domination!