How it Works

The Level It Up game engine was designed to allow educators and training managers to quickly and easily create a deploy mobile friendly training games to a disperse group of learners with no programming required.

Forget paying mobile application developers to build you custom, expensive and time intensive mobile game apps. Now, anyone can create fun, interactive learning games in a flash (without Flash!).

As an administrator you will gain instant access to our cloud-based administrator dashboard. Here you will create groups, import or create players, create question banks, import or create questions and manage games. You will also have access to user reports including: game scores, time played and average game time. You can also manage your game leaderboards and view the top 10 players and their scores.



First, you will want to create a group. Name your group, add a group description and upload a banner image for the group. This image will appear in the Level It Up game header and can vary for each group or remain constant if used as your organization’s branding.

Want to create groups for different departments, classes or teams? Go for it! Each group will receive a unique game code with access to the games you specify.



Next, manager players by creating player accounts or importing a cvs file. The cvs template is provided. Then, assign players to groups.



Next, begin creating or importing your questions. The cvs template is provided. Then, create your question bank(s) and assign questions to banks.



Next, create your game. Name your game, add a game description and choose an icon to represent your game. Then, select the number of levels (1-10), the number of questions per level, number of correct answers required to advance, points awarded per question, points deducted per hint and finally, assign the game to groups.

Want to create games for different topics, lessons or difficulty levels? You can do it with Level It Up! Create as many games as you’d like. You can even share questions between games using question banks to speed up the process.



All players in the group will automatically be notified via email of your game and sent instructions on how to install or access the game. Players will also receive their username and game code.

In the settings area of the game players enter their username and game code to access your private, branded games. Only your learners will have access to and see your games.