Gamification is a great way to learn. And mobile games are the perfect way to reach your learners on their own devices, so they can play… and learn anytime. But developing native applications for the iPhone and iPad or Android devices can be complicated and expensive.

With the Level It Up game engine, you can easily create and distribute games that your learners can access from iPhones,  iPads, any Android device, or a desktop and laptop. No programming required!

The Level It Up mobile learning game is a fun way for players to test their knowledge in a “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire” style gaming experience. Players complete levels to demonstrate their knowledge and earn rankings on the Leaderboard, competing against other players in their group and having fun!


The Learner Experience

About-Learner-Experience-Mobile-Learning-Game-iOSPlayers earn points by correctly answering questions and advancing through the game levels.

If they get stuck on a question, they have two lifelines available, “Hint” or “Drop 1”.

They can click on “Hint” for help answering the question, or “Drop 1” to remove one of the incorrect responses from four possible answers. Using either lifeline will reduce the maximum points possible for that question.

If the player correctly answers the minimum number of questions in a level, they’ll “Level It Up” to the next round. If they don’t, they can replay the round for another opportunity to advance.

This style of learning better engages the “game generation,” providing Leaderboards, prestige and points to encourage repetition and competition.

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The Administrator Experience

Level It Up Template Driven Mobile Learning Game EngineThe Level It Up mobile learning game engine provides training & development departments with a quick and easy way to create fun games for native iOS (iPhones and iPads), Android devices, or for any desktop or laptop computer. Simply create a new game, create or import questions and drag and drop them into levels. Then, assign your game to groups of users. Presto!

The engine automatically generates game codes and sends out an email notification to your learners instructing them on how to install and play the game you created. Following the instructions in the email, players install the free Level It Up app from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store, then enter in their game code and screen name. If your users don’t own an iPhone,  iPad, or Android devices they can still play the same game from a desktop or laptop computer without downloading any applications!

Built-in reporting tracks who’s playing, how well they’re doing and more!

You can even customize your games by uploading personalized banners with your organization’s logo and branding.

Ready to give it a try? Check out the Level It Up demo or skip straight to the game by installing the free Level It Up app from the Apple App Store, Google Play Store, or accessing the browser version and play a few sample games.

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The Company Behind the Engine

Digitec InteractiveEstablished in 1988, Digitec Interactive is an award-winning eLearning company and learning management system (LMS) provider, developing educational products including simulations, mobile apps and learning management technologies for the game-based generation. Digitec is best known for innovative eLearning technologies that better engage today’s mobile, twitch speed generation, including the Level It Up mobile game engine.

Level It Up from Digitec Interactive is the first-ever template driven, game engine for creating and distributing learning games through existing native iOS and Android apps and web browsers. Administrators simply import their users, import questions, assign questions to game templates and distribute access codes to their learners. Learners download and install the free mobile app, enter their access code and gain instant access to their games.

Visit the Digitec Interactive corporate site for more information about the company behind the fun.