Mobile Learning Game Engine

Perfect for Classroom Engagement, Knowledge Check, Test Prep, Sales Training, Self-directed Learning... and more!

  • Level It Up Mobile Learning Game for iPhone
  • Level It Up Mobile Learning Game for iPhone
  • Level It Up Mobile Learning Game Engine
  • Build It.

    Simple template based game creation lets you upload your players and questions, then create learning games by dragging and dropping questions into levels, setting points scales and passing scores.
  • Brand It.

    Upload custom banners including your organization’s logos and branding for the native iPhone, iPad, Android and the web-based versions of the game.
  • Broadcast It.

    Publish your game(s) and enable automatic email invites to your players. Players download the free Level It Up app from the Apple App or Google Play Store or log in to the web-version to begin playing your learning games.

Create your own mobile learning games in 3 easy steps!

  • Mobile Learning Games


    Games can make learning fun and easy! But creating learning games can be difficult… and expensive.


    Now, with the new Level It Up mobile learning game engine, you can create and distribute games that your learners access straight from their smartphones, tablets, or desktop and laptop computers, with no programming required.


    Level It Up is a fun way for players to test their knowledge in a competitive gaming experience. Perfect for test prep, knowledge checks, sales training, classroom engagement, and more!


    Players demonstrate their knowledge by earning rankings on the Leaderboard; competing against other players in their group, and having fun as they advance through the levels.


    And the Level It Up game engine makes it easy to create games… Upload questions, then assign questions to levels and level to games. You can even upload users and assign them to groups, so they can compete for Leaderboard domination!


    The Level It Up game engine automatically generates game codes and distributes welcome emails to your users. Learners then install the free Level It Up mobile app from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store… or access online and… presto your learners are playing and competing in your very own learning games! Built-in reporting within the  Level It Up game engine also enables you  to track who is playing, how well they’re doing and more!


    You can even customize your learning games by uploading personalized banners with your organization’s logo and branding.


    Now you can create your own learning games for iPhone, iPad, and Android devices, or any desktop or laptop using the web version.


    Start your 30 Day Free Trial today!